Planner 2021 printable

Printable of 2021 dated planner inserts.
I have originally created this layout for my own planner, and I'm now sharing it after many requests.
Its minimal layout helps me stay focused and keeps my mind clear while making plans...hope it can do the same for you!


  • planner cover page
  • one-page yearly calendar
  • month cover pages
  • dated inserts
  • 12 inspirational quotes


  • RANGE: January 2021 - December 2021
  • SIZE: Personal (171 x 95mm / 6.73 x 3.74 in)
  • LAYOUT: two-days-on-one-page (Saturday & Sunday on half a page)
  • ORIENTATION: horizontal
  • Months can be separated
  • Each quote is on a separate page
  • File format: 2 PDF files – with and without crop marks

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€ 9.00