Home Office Design

Home Office Design

Are you tired of having a messy and uncomfortable home office?
Or no home office when you would need one?
You are in the right place!


Home Office Design is a complete guide to practically help you set up a home office that ticks all the boxes:

  • Functional
  • Healthy
  • Comfortable
  • Beautiful

From lighting and ergonomics to storage and décor, you will get an overview of all the elements that make a successful office space, one that can support your health, mood, well-being and productivity.

After reading this e-book you will:

  • know what is the best position for your home office
  • have all your working materials at hand without your home looking like an office
  • find privacy and concentration while working from home
  • feel comfortable in your home office
  • get rid of back, wrist and neck pains
  • and more...

What you get:

  • A 102 pages e-book full of concise and relevant content
  • 3d visualizations of several furnished home offices to get you inspired
  • Pro design tips for you to get the most out of your space



  • Step-by-step notes templates to guide you in setting up your home office
  • Shopping list template to plan your purchases

Here is a sneak peek inside this e-book:

Table of contents Home Office Design_Sneak_Peek.

Content includes:

  • 3D views
  • concise explanations
  • diagrams
  • tables


"I read this ebook looking for inspiration to have a functional home office in my house. I found this book very rich in information and inspiration and I learnt a lot from it.
In particular, I liked the fact that in this book beauty and functionality are joined and there are also infos to improve working sessions (such as ergonomic position, eyes exercises, hydration...). I think I will suggest it to my colleagues!!!"



"I found this e-book very playful in its way of explaining things. Everything was very clear and well organized, and pictures help us visualize the different possibilities. There are even checklists, so no excuses not to make oneself a comfortable working place!"



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