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  • Home Office Design

    Home Office Design


    Finally, a complete guide to practically help you set up a home office that ticks all the boxes:

    1. Functional
    2. Healthy
    3. Comfortable
    4. Beautiful

E-Design Boxes

The online version of a traditional interior design project.

Communicating via email, we can work together on the design of your home no matter how far we are geographically!

  • The power of accessories

    The power of accessories

    $149.00/per room

    Ideal for:

    1. Finishing touches

      finalizing a space you're already quite happy with

    2. Minimal-effort updates

      improving a space you cannot/don't want to remodel fully

  • Full makeover

    Full makeover

    $449.00/per room

    Ideal for:

    1. Functionality improvements

      making your space more practical for your needs

    2. Restyling

      translating your style preferences in your home

Interior design is more than just "how it looks"!
Personal habits, lifestyle and practical needs come first in the design of a space that joins functionality and beauty, a space that will serve you and make you truly feel at home