'design shapes the world'

At DforDesign, interior design is more than aesthetics.
Designing spaces is a responsibility towards the people that will inhabit them as well as towards the planet that hosts us all.
Designing spaces is crafting experiences, sparking sensations, stimulating reflections, and inspiring behaviours.

My design philosophy builds on the relationship between people, nature, and design, working towards a future where people and nature can live and thrive together.

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biophilic design

Embracing a biophilic approach to design means placing people and nature jointly at the heart of every project.

It means designing wellbeing-centered spaces for people, acknowledging that a space is never just about how it looks, it's about how it feels and makes occupants feel.

At the same time, it means restoring a deep and balanced relationship between people the natural world. A relationship that's nurturing and instructive at once, that supports our physical and mental wellbeing while reminding us of our place in the world.


Caring about nature also means respecting and protecting it through design choices.

It means researching environmentally & socially conscious solutions, supporting like-minded brands and independent designers.

Also, it means taking a slow approach to design, one that ponders all choices to make sure they'll last.

Designing spaces is a responsibility, but it's also an opportunity, the opportunity to shape a better future for us and for our planet.

'let's design the future'