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Trend Spring 2018: Fringes

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Trend spring 2018: Fringes

If there’s one thing that definitely holds for fringes, it is “more is more”!

Fringes, both in fashion and at home, can take two different vibes: more sumptuous or more relaxed. So let’s see some examples of both in turn!

Fringes deluxe

The first identity of fringes is one that I like to call deluxe. A rich cascade of fringes dresses up furniture and accessories, for a distinctively sumptuous effect.

Fringes deluxe mood board: a selection of furniture and accessories.
Credit: DforDesign. Fashion inspiration: Balmain (Harpers Bazaar)

To start small, a tassel can already be enough of an accent to add a touch of new. To curtains for instance, with a tassel curtain tieback.

Charcoal beaded curtain tieback, by Kennedy.
Credit: Kennedy (Amazon)

Definitely recalling a Charleston atmosphere, the Fringes sofa by Munna is a real triumph of fringes! Three fringed layers run across the whole back and the sides. And with its velvet upholstery, it is a 100% trending piece for this year!

Velvet sofa with fringes on the back and sides, by Munna.
Credit: Munna

Fringed lighting? Yes!

In by D’armes, long metallic fringes cover the light source for a scenic diffused effect.

Cé lamp, by D'armes.
Credit: D'armes

In this original table tamp instead, the base structure is covered by a huge tassel that is actually fabric.

Ivory table lamp with tassel base, by Mecox.
Credit: Mecox

And fabric is also the fringe that falls from the bottom of the Nappa mirror by Oliver Bonas.

Round mirror with fringe falling from the bottom, by Oliver Bonas.
Credit: Oliver Bonas

For a really, really, impressive result, take a look at this wallpaper! Designed by Tracy Kendall, it creates a unique swagging effect once installed on the wall. Definitely eye-catching!

Fringe wallpaper, by Tracy Kendall.
Credit: Tracy Kendall

Gipsy fringe

Fringes are also an essential ingredient of any bohemian style interior. Laid-back and somehow messy, they are an invitation to relax.

Gipsy fringes mood board: a selection of furniture and accessories.
Credit: DforDesign. Fashion inspiration: Ulla Johnson

This gispy fringe-style is everywhere in the shops for this spring-summer. Starting with Maisons du Monde. In their new collection Cabane, fringes are all around!

Chevron cushion with fringes on the sides, by Maisons du Monde.
Credit: Maisons du Monde
Candle in glass container with a tassel on the cap, by Maisons du Monde.
Credit: Maisons du Monde

Again by Maisons du Monde is Panama, this bamboo suspension that looks like an unfinished basket.

Woven bamboo pendant light, by Maisons du Monde.
Credit: Maisons du Monde

Zara Home is also a lot into fringes this season and this pouf is just one example. Here, the fringes are attached to the upholstery with knots, so this item is a double winner for this spring: fringes & knots! (Be sure to take a look at the article on knots as well!)

Cube pouf with fringe and knots detail on the front, by Zara Home.
Credit: Zara Home

H&M Home also comes along with this bohemian fringed mirror.

Fringe round mirror, by H&M Home.
Credit: H&M Home

The combo woven basket + laid-back rug is a must in any bohemian space. Even better if they have fringes!

Woven basket with fringes and pompoms on the edge, by Amara.
Credit: A by Amara
Round rug with tassels on the whole border, by Bloomingville.
Credit: Bloomingville (Amara)

So what's your final verdict on fringes? Deluxe or gipsy?

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