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Trend Spring 2018: Dark Denim

Topic: Design Trends
Trend spring 2018: Dark Denim

I’m always amazed when I think about the evolution of denim: from workman uniform to a runway star! Crazy isn’t it?Personally, I’m quite a big fan of dark denim and I especially like the contrast it makes when paired with more refined material, both in an outfit and in interiors!

So here are few ideas to bring a touch of denim at home...

Dark denim mood board: a selection of furniture and accessories.
Credit: DforDesign. Fashion inspiration: Tom Ford

Let us start with…a sofa! I love the modern line of this one by Moroso and I totally think the denim cover is a brilliant feature! With its dark blue colour and soft touch, it looks very elegant and would be a great starting point for both a masculine and a feminine living room.

Imagine it paired with leather cushions and a checkered wool blanket for a man. Or with a combination of shiny cushions and a chunky knitted blanket for the most cold-sensitive women (like me...)

Modern denim sofa, by Moroso.
Credit: Moroso (Archiexpo)

And what about an impressive denim fridge? SMEG has one!

The cover is actually denim fabric, that has been treated to make it stain and odour resistant.

Fridge covered with denim fabric, by SMEG.
Credit: SMEG (Archiproducts)

A really out-of-the-box idea for a floor is definitely this denim-inspired wood flooring by Mazzonetto. To make it really stand out, it could be used in a room decorated with neutral colours and simple furniture. Or it would also be great to give character to an otherwise neglected space like a corridor!

Denim-inspired wood floor, by Mazzonetto.
Credit: Mazzonetto

Denim can clearly be added in much smaller touches as well.

Catchalls of all sorts are never enough and a denim one could be the right accent to give a new vibe to the décor with minimal effort.

Denim basket.
Credit: Annas7Closet (Etsy)
Denim pocket framed into an embroidery hoop.
Credit: thisgeeklove (Etsy)

And to spruce up the look of a sofa or bed, a denim cushion can be just enough. This one is Dot by Hay.

Dot cushion in denim, by Hay.
Credit: Hay (Amara)

Remember when I said that I love when denim contrasts with more elegant materials? Well, I think this lamp by Zara Home is a good example of it. The denim shade contrast beautifully with the glass base for a very modern result!

Table lamp with denim shade and see-through glass lamp, by Zara Home.
Credit: Zara Home

And for the kitchen, Bugatti has a whole collection of denim appliances, from kettle to juicer. Designed with a modern and crisp line, they all come with a removable denim cover. Matching perfectly with the stainless steel finish, it gives a unique touch of personality.

Stainless steel kettle with denim cover, by Bugatti.
Credit: Bugatti (Archiexpo)

So what do you think of bringing the denim trend home ? Any crush?

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