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Trend Spotting + My Interview At Bolia

Topic: Design Trends
Trend spotting + my interview at Bolia

A slightly different post today about a slightly different occasion...

I was recently interviewed by a local magazine and when we met at the closest Bolia showroom there were two things that grabbed my attention:

  1. my outfit, that was matching the showroom perfectly (not done on purpose, I swear!)
  2. the amount of trends I could spot around!

You can find the interview on Les Toiles Studio and below is a recap of the trends that were most represented in the showroom...


In all kinds of shapes and colours, terrazzo is by far one of the biggest trends at the moment, and the showroom at Bolia was full of it!

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Modern terrazzo countertop.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)
Modern terrazzo coffee tables.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)


If I had to describe the sofas in the showroom in three words I would say: wide (up to very wide actually), comfortable (with loads of fluffy cushions) and velvet!

Velvet sofa.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)
Me looking through pillows at Bolia.
Credit: Les Toiles Studio


From light fixtures to little touches here and there, gold is all around Bolia's collection for the new season. It's safe to say that the gold trend is not going anywhere quite yet!

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Gold light fixture.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)
Me admiring a gold minimalist vase at Bolia.
Credit: Les Toiles Studio

Mustard yellow

Another star for the new season is mustard yellow, which gives an interesting touch of colour with a fall/winter vibe.

Mustard yellow sofa.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)
Mustard yellow vases.
Credit: Les Toiles Studio

By the way, mustard yellow makes a great pair with the hues that have been elected Colour of the Year 2019 so far. From a tone-on-tone effect with Spiced Honey (by Akzo Nobel), to a warm-earthy pairing with Spice of Life (by Dunn Edwards) and Cavern Clay (by Sherwin Williams), to a more striking and unexpected match with Day Spa (by Diamond Vogel) and Night watch (by PPG Paints).

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Mustard yellow pairings.
Credit: DforDesign


Pink is definitely one of the colours of Bolia's new collection. The showroom was literally half pink and it matched my outfit perfectly the day of the interview!

Pink dining area.
Credit: Bolia (via Instagram)
Me on a pink sofa.
Credit: Les Toiles Studio

Big thanks to Les Toiles Studio for the interview and to Bolia for the warm welcome!