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Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide: 30 Homeware Ideas

Topic: Christmas
Sustainable Christmas gift guide: 30 homeware ideas

How can we celebrate a more sustainable Christmas?
The answer touches all the aspects of the holiday season, from decorating, to gift giving and entertaining.

In the past weeks we’ve seen:

So now it’s time to look into gifts!
I’ve compiled a huge gift guide this year, with a total of 30 sustainable interior design presents divided in: accessories, tableware and textiles, namely the three categories of objects that fit the most for a gift!

All items are taken from SforSustainable, where I curate a selection of sustainable interior design products and materials. And where – if the ones below are not enough – you can find even more ideas for thoughtful, useful and sustainable gifts!

Sustainable home accessories

Moodboard showing 10 home accessories that would be a great gift idea for a sustainable Christmas.
Credit: DforDesign. All products are linked below
  1. Wall print
    Contributing to a good cause while shopping for art.
    More about Solid Shapes 02 by Paper Collective
  2. Smart wall clock
    Unexpected upcycling and smart technology.
    Get it with a 15% discount (up to 40€) with the code GREENCHRISTMAS
    More about Eora by Kibelis
  3. Candle holder
    Modular configurations made of upcycled materials.
    More about Candlestickstacks by Marble Partners
  4. Soy candle
    Zero-waste candle where everything can be reused...even the packaging!
    More about Hygge Light by The Growing Candle
  5. Self watering planter
    Giving waste a new life while making plant watering easier.
    More about Canopy by LSA International
  6. Vase
    A very creative way of fighting plastic pollution!
    More about T-Scope by Kinta
  7. Wall hangers
    Turning a old car into homeware!
    More about Imago by Mater
  8. Firewood rack
    Eco-friendly and traditional processes applied to a contemporary aesthetics.
    More about Log Loop by Tom Raffield
  9. Stem vase
    When even the most apparently insignificant leftover gets reused.
    More about Maud by Zooi
  10. Basket
    The new face of agricultural by-products.
    More about HANTVERK by IKEA

Sustainable tableware

Moodboard showing 10 tableware gift ideas.
Credit: DforDesign. All products are linked below
  1. Serving tray
    Coming from one of the most effectively recyclable materials.
    More about Mia by LSA International
  2. Dinner set
    Bringing circular economy to the table...quite literally!
    More about Dinner Set by Far&Away
  3. Smart coasters
    Merging a staple sustainable material with smart technology.
    Get it with a 15% discount with the code GREENCHRISTMAS
    More about Garrulus by Kibelis
  4. Placemat
    From the street to the table.
    More about Rubber by Slash Objects
  5. Bowl
    Making the most out of fruit trees.
    More about Kinuku by Nkuku
  6. Cutting boards
    When two precious natural materials meet.
    More about Bwari by Nkuku
  7. Wine cooler
    An innovative production technology that will make for a sure conversation starter!
    More about Wine Cooler by Krown
  8. Bowl
    From waste to tableware.
    More about Riya by Nkuku
  9. Carafe
    Reviving old traditions in new products.
    More about Cyl by Kinta
  10. Napkin
    One of the staples in sustainable textiles, certified with an important label.
    More about Timmery by Libeco

Sustainable textiles

Moodboard showing 10 textile gift ideas.
Credit: DforDesign. All products are linked below.
  1. Runner rug
    A rug that will last twice as much!
    More about VISTOFT by IKEA
  2. Cushion
    From ocean pollution to cushion.
    More about Oxford Stripe by Weaver Green
  3. Cushion
    Fighting plastic pollution...with a cushion.
    More about Way by Ferm Living
  4. Bedding
    The most common material for sheets with an eye on sustainable sourcing.
    More about BERGPALM by IKEA
  5. Sheepskin rug
    Giving new life to the by-products of farming.
    More about Sheepskin by Celtic & Co.
  6. Bedding
    Turning grass into fabric.
    More about Cotton/Bamboo by Urban Collective
  7. Towels
    Making wood actually soft!
    More about Spa Set by Kushel
  8. Blanket
    When nature stays unchanged.
    More about Sulo by Bonden
  9. Blanket
    Because offcuts are not waste.
    More about The Siempre by Blacksaw
  10. Cushion
    A plant-based cushion
    More about VIGDIS by IKEA

I truly hope these ideas will help with your holiday shopping!
And if you'd like to be inspired with even more gift ideas, take a look at the products with the "gift idea" tag on SforSustainable!

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