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Sculptural Design: Art Pieces Made Functional

Topic: Design Trends
Sculptural design: art pieces made functional

Sculptural design is something I've started loving before I even knew its name...

I personally have a crush on pieces with particular and eye-catching shapes. And I actually use the word sculptural all the time, as it really fits to describe objects that stand tall and fill the space with their character.
But I didn't actually know that sculptural design was a thing!

Looking through design magazines, Instagram etc. though, sculptural pieces are literally everywhere!
So yes, sculptural design is becoming a design stream and trend in itself. And I’m fully taking the occasion to share some minimal pieces that have a stunning sculptural design!

Sofas and Chairs

Legs, cushions, armrests...everything is a good candidate to make the end piece sculptural!

Sculptural sofa with curved back and cushions.
Amour Settee by Consort. Credit: Consort
Armchair with sculptural wooden armrests.
Drew armchair by Credit:


Besides a sofa or in a dining area, these tables are great as a conversation starter!

Sculptural coffee table.
Normann coffee tables by Forma&Cemento. Credit: Forma&Cemento (via Archiproducts)
Sculptural minimalist dining room.
Notes table by Living Divani. Credit: Living Divani


Looking at these vases, I'm thinking they would be the perfect vessel to display a modern and extra-minimal Ikebana flower composition! Don't you think?

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Oval pendant vase and candle holder.
POV Oval by Note Design Studio. Credit: Menu
Brass minimal vase.
Vase 738 by ACV Studio. Credit: ACV Studio

Light fixtures

Lamps are always a good way to set the style in a space, but these lamps would be the perfect way to set my style!

Sculptural pendant lamp with three arms.
Hartau Triple by D'armes. Credit: D'armes
Sculptural floor lamp.
Kushi Floor by Kundalini. Credit: Kundalini


Sculptural design has come like a huge wave and now everything has a sculptural interpretation (to my great happiness of course)!

Sculptural cutlery.
Skeleton, the new cutlery creation by Nendo. Credit: Nendo - Photo by Akihiro Yoshida

See the biophilic inspiration in this coat rack?

Sculptural coat rack.
Seed, coat rack by Durame. Credit: Durame


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Sculptural fire bowl.
Ellipse, fire bowl by Höfats. One of the winners of Archiproducts Design Awards 2018. Credit: Höfats

Negative space is another point here: leaving a sculptural piece alone will highlight the way it fills the space and make negative space a substantial part of the design!

Sculptural watering can.
Plant watering can by House Doctor. Credit: Darley Avenue

Sculptural pieces look best in minimal interiors, where they have space to breath and tell their story without fighting with each other for attention.

Streamlined interior with all sculptural pieces.
Sofa, chair, coffee table, bench and accessories by Bodil Kjær Design, Cirque Lamp by Giopato & Coombes, pillow by Salem van der Swaagh, rug by Woodnotes. Credit: Giopato & Combes (via Instagram)
Wood interior with Japanese inspiration.
Private interior in Paris by Kengo Kuma. Credit: AD France (via Instagram)
Sculptural dining room.
Sculptural dining room styling by House Doctor. Credit: House Doctor (via Instagram)

A minimal sculptural design is also the direction I'm taking in my own home.
I’m not planning to do everything in one go so it will take a while, but if you’ve seen the new purchases I unboxed on Instagram (one of them is in the picture below) you can start to see this is the direction I’m taking! Clean, neat and sculptural (see, I’ve said again!) lines are all I’d want to see around me! Plus, I’m absolutely obsessed with negative space and its power to decorate without adding weight!

Btw, if you don't follow me yet, you're welcome to come say hello on Instagram too!

Minimal sculptural vase with a single-leaf arrangement.
Corner of my home. Vase by Depot. Credit: DforDesign

If all this was not enough to fall in love with this design stream, here is a further point. For their great overall design (a word that includes both functionality and aesthetics), we may actually define sculptural pieces as functional pieces of art. And it feels so good when functional objects double as decorative!

For instance, would you ever have said that this flower design on the back wall is actually part of a radiator???

Sculptural radiator.
Yang Nature radiators by K8 Radiatori. Credit: K8 radiatori (via Instagram)

So now that I know that it's a thing, I can actually say I love a sculptural minimal style without looking like a crazy person!
What do you think of sculptural design? Is it something that resonates with you as much as it does with me?
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Sculptural design: art pieces made functional. Pin it.