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My Fall 2017

Topic: Design Tips & inspirations
My fall 2017

With fall just around the corner, I like to search for inspiration for the new season. One thing I love is deciding on a colour palette for my home and this is what I’ve chosen this year.

Moodboard in the tones of burgundy, light pink, white and gold. Cosy and warm mood.
Credits: Pxhere, Pexels, Pixabay, me. Mood board: DforDesign 

I wanted a rich palette, that would give new character to my neutral furniture and make me feel warm and cosy as the temperatures outside will start to drop. At the same time, I wanted to keep all of the white I have in my home and incorporate my gold accessories (since summer I’m so much in love with gold!).

And here is what I came up with: rich burgundy, paired with a delicate powder pink and white, with accents of gold all across.

Looking at this board makes me feel so cosy! I already can see myself on the sofa, with a soft blanket on my legs, drinking a hot infusion while enjoying a soothing candlelight atmosphere.

This will be my way of welcoming the new season. What about you? What is inspiring you this fall?

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