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riivin is a sustainable interior design platform, an independently-led project aimed at driving change, supporting the industry’s transition to more sustainable standards.

Let’s take a look around!

the platform

riivin is a platform entirely dedicated to sustainable interior design options: responsible products as well as alternatives to purchasing new. It's the evolution of SforSustainable, with extra functionalities and plenty of new content!

The name riivin (pronounced /ˈrɪv.ɪŋ/ – like living with an r) is a compound of the word living plus a number of concepts that represent a sustainable attitude to design: responsibility, reinvention, restoration, reuse, respect. A name that wants to stress the role of living spaces in sustainable development.

riivin is a completely independent platform: all content comes from unsponsored and honest research.

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product selection

riivin features a regularly updated selection of sustainable interior products (opened in a new window/tab) – all independently selected – organized in 9 product categories:

  • furniture
  • lighting
  • accessories
  • textiles
  • tableware
  • finishes
  • office
  • bathroom
  • baby+kids

Big design names and emerging designers live side-by-side on riivin and – to give a better sense of what products look like – each item is presented with curated pictures including styled scenes and close-up details.

The product selection is built around a recurrent question: why is it more sustainable?
Asking questions is essential when talking about sustainability, and this is why every product on riivin comes with a detailed explanation of what makes it a more sustainable choice.
As a quick reference, 10 sustainable values (opened in a new window/tab) are used throughout the platform to highlight important aspects of sustainability in design.

The selection also includes biophilic picks: products that would fit particularly well in a biophilic interior.

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beyond buying

Purchasing new products is no longer the only way of furnishing an interior.
Choosing second-hand pieces and renting are also valuable options from a sustainability perspective, and they're becoming increasingly viable.

These options are covered on riivin with curated selections of:

  • second-hand online marketplaces by location (worldwide coverage)
  • brands offering second-hand options
  • furniture rental platforms by location (worldwide coverage)
  • products available for rent
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Sustainability is a giant topic, and sustainable design is an equally wide subject that includes plenty of innovative materials, new technical solutions, and processes.

To bring some clarity, riivin has a glossary with 100+ words related to sustainability, the impact of design on the environment, and sustainable design strategies.

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personal notes

You might remember how this project started years ago: as a simple list of products coming from my ongoing research for more sustainable options. Now, riivin is a structured platform with much more content and a whole new members' area: riivin+ (opened in a new window/tab)

But still, the core is the same: an independently-led project that genuinely wants to drive change. A tool to help professionals and design enthusiasts make more sustainable interior design choices. A work of love that takes plenty of time and resources but is worth it, because together we can drive change.

This is why some of riivin content stays and will always stay free: part of the product selection is freely accessible and so are the sustainable roundups on the blog.

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Whether you’ll browse the free area of the platform or you’ll dig into the new members’ area (opened in a new window/tab), I truly hope you’ll find riivin inspiring, helpful, and you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!
What I've shared here are the main highlights of the new platform but there’s more to be discovered (did I mention riivin has its own forest?)

Head over to (opened in a new window/tab) to see the full thing!

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