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Home Office Design: Small Is Cool!

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Home office design: small is cool!

One of the most frequent concerns that comes out when talking with clients about home office is space.
Many people live in rather small spaces (me included) and automatically think they have no space for a office at home.

The good news is that this is not true at all!

There are many ways to create a small office design that still remains functional and comfortable. I browsed through many ideas lately, while I was writing Home Office Design (my latest e-book about how to achieve good design for a home office).
And today I want to get you inspired with some amazing small office design ideas, that will prove that you really don't need that much space for a home office!
Be ready to add your favourites to your Pinterest!

As a general rule for when you don't have space for a separate home office, the best you can do is blending it in with the rest of the room.

Small home office, minimalist style.
Credit: Keijser&Co

I also stumbled upon this lovely desk by Felipe Madeira. I love the roof-like metal frame; it really gives the idea of home, making this the perfect home office desk!

Small home office desk, minimalist style.
Credit: Felipe Madeira

Shelves can also become very successful desks, and work perfectly for a small office at home!

Small home office desk in a bookshelf.
Credit: Cult Furniture
Small home office desk on a shelf.
Credit: Rob Kennon

All kinds of floating, foldable and retractable desks are also great space-saving solutions!
Here is an easy Get the look ready to copy!

Small home office desk with foldable table.
Credit: DforDesign

Get the look:
Table: IKEA
Chair: Muuto
Shelf: Maisons du Monde
Lamp: Gubi

A retractable desk top that comes out of a staircase? This is clever space planning! I'm pinning this myself!

Small home office desk integrated in a staircase.
Credit: Sato

An IKEA hack could not miss in this list.
Here, an EKET cabinet has been transformed into a lovely foldable desk, perfect for a small home office space. All it takes is paint, wallpaper to add dimension (this floral design is from Vintage Fabriken), a leather strap to give support to the desk and some beautiful legs and knobs (the ones in the photo are from Prettypegs)

Small home office desk.
Credit: Vintage Fabriken

I hope these ideas had you change your mind on the amount of space you actually need for a home office!
If you're planning to setup a new office in your home or even just revamp your current home office, always keep in mind the essential features of a successful workstation (that are actually valid for every desk-job, both at home and in an office):

  • functional
  • healthy
  • comfortable
  • beautiful

To learn more about them, you can take a look at Home Office Design, my new 61 pages e-book that tells you everything you need to consider to setup a workstation that will work by your side, making you healthy, comfortable and ultimately more productive!

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