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One year has passed since DforDesign was born, and yet SO MUCH has changed!
This year has been literally flying and now I want to pause for a moment to say thank you to each and every one of you.
To you who have been around since the beginning of this amazing journey...I'm so happy you're sticking around!

To you who have reached out with comments or writing me in private...I'm so happy you've shared your opinion with me!

To you who are silently reading the blog...I'm so happy you're enjoying it!

And to you who just passed through once...I'm happy you stopped by (and you could find me in the jungle of SEO!)

...to each and every one of you...THANK YOU for reading, sharing and supporting me and DforDesign so far!

We always talk about design here on the blog and after one year you may want to know a bit more about who's behind the screen...
So here are 10 facts about me, including some things that have changed since when DforDesign was born!

  1. I'm Italian and I love pizza and pasta... ok you'll know this already if you visited the about page, but it's an important point worth restating! :)
  2. I used not to be a social media person, at all.
    In fact, I used to only have a forgotten Facebook account (that is even more forgotten these days) whereas now I'm a true Pinterest (opened in a new window/tab) addict and I love connecting on Instagram (opened in a new window/tab)!
    The reason why I didn't use social media is that I was totally not into posting things about my life just to get likes (if you know what I mean)...and I still actually think the same! But, as a content creator and freelance, social media are a great way to connect with people (because social media is not just bought false followers and automatic likes!) and a way to feel less lonely (because freelancing can get a bit lonely at times).
  3. I'm a pretty shy person (but only in new situations) and I'm not very mundane.
  4. If I'm in a situation that I know or where I feel comfortable, I'm not shy at all! That's where all my craziness comes out and this is how closer friends would describe me...crazy..:)
  5. Before becoming a designer, I earned a degree in Economics and worked in the corporate world.
    This – together with my initial shyness – has left me with a good dose of seriousness and difficulty to open my heart when writing. I have been used to dose every word and just be controlled all the time. Entering in the online world has been a HUGE change for me! First, it took me a while to even recognise how stiff I was, and even then, changing a habit is hard and I'm still working on it today! But if you've been here for a while, I'd love to know if you've seen a change from the start!
  6. I am – and I've always been – a visual person. When I was in school I could not study without colours and I still remember my philosophy notebook, where each philosopher's notes were written in a different colour...heaven! Maybe it was a sign that design was living in me already!!!
  7. I love bullet points and lists.
    You may actually have guessed this one while reading the blog...I think I've put in at least one list in every post; but I can't help myself, it's just the way my brain works!
  8. Still on my writing style...I use exclamation points ALL THE TIME! It's probably because I get excited about what I'm writing about, but I really find it important to show it visually with a bunch of exclamations here and there! (See...I've done it again...)
  9. I'm a perfectionist. Oh yes, this is a big one! And this online adventure is being very precious in teaching me to let go a little more (but how hard it is!)
  10. I almost never like myself in photos. Actually, as soon as I have to pose I just feel uncomfortable and somehow "under scrutiny". And you can understand it gets a bit hard to look good then...which makes me a big fan of unexpected photos!

So here are 10 things about me! I hope you've enjoyed this...LIST! (with an exclamation point at the end of course...ok I give up!) If you did, come say hello on Instagram (opened in a new window/tab) or Facebook (opened in a new window/tab); that's where I share more about me, my home and what I'm up to daily.

Again thank you for following along until now and cheers to a new exciting year!!!
(here everyone would have put a bunch of exclamation points...right?)

Happy birthday DforDesign!

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