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Decorated Ceilings: A New Perspective On Interiors - Part 1

Topic: Design Trends
Decorated ceilings: a new perspective on interiors - Part 1

One of the trends that are being anticipated for 2018 in these first weeks of the new year are decorated ceilings…and I’m totally with it!

Decorating a ceiling comes as a completely new feature with respect to what is common in todays’ interiors and is certainly going to bring a strong feeling of new! Plus, I think there’s something special in the very fact of looking up to admire something; it’s like the magic of staring at the stars at night...

So let’s start our journey with the nose in the sky! Here are 6 different strategies to make a ceiling special…


Colour comes in helpful in many design situations, and this makes no exception. You can add colour to a ceiling with paint or – why not – wallpaper. There are a million and one colours and patterns to choose from to achieve either a subdued or a more striking effect.

Sleek dining room with white furniture and grey accents, among which a deep grey ceiling.
Credit: Beeldpunt (Design by Alexander Hugelier - Photo by Valerie Clarysse)
Dining room in the tones of turquoise. The bold blue ceiling is enriched with a contrasting white trim and a white rosette in the middle.
Credit: House of Turquoise (Design by Barbour Spangle)

The idea of this blue on the ceiling wrapping on the door wall is so clever!

Entryway with blue painted door and ceiling. The same colour is tied into the floor tiles.
Credit: The Blog Deco

Look at the apparently inaccurate border of the ceiling paint. I think it makes a beautiful contrast with the grandness of the chandelier and the bed. 

Bedroom with vaulted ceiling painted in gold. The glass chandelier draws the attention up even more.
Credit: Vogue (Design by Martina Hunglinger)

I love the office on the right! That optical pattern on the ceiling goes perfectly with the gold pendant light!

Two examples of ceilings decorated with a graphic pattern. 1: Stenciled ceiling in the tones of white reproducing a doily effect. 2: Office ceiling decorated with black and white geometric wallpaper.
Credits: Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesHome Adore (Design by Terris Lightfoot Contracting)

The two below are really bold ones! Do you like them?

Black bathroom with a reproduction of Jan Vermeer’s painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring" on the ceiling.
Credit: Blackhouse Karol Ciepliñski Architekt (Photo by Bartlomiej Senkowski)
Ceiling reproducing Van Gogh's “Starry Night” painting.
Credit: Tripadvisor (Pierozki u Wincenta restaurant)

Trims & Co.

Probably now you’re thinking at those classic coffered ceilings and their majestic presence. Well, yes this is one option, but beams, trims and even coffered ceilings can match many different styles, even rustic, like the ones below.

Rustic living room with wooden coffered ceiling.
Credit: Beeyoutifullife (Design by Slifer Designs)
Kitchen with white ceiling and wooden truss vault.
Credit: Unskinny Boppy

Or they can go with a more modern style...

Modern kitchen with white coffered ceiling. The coffers are panelled and painted in grey.
Credit: Mike Hammersmith

What I like here is that the coffered part is recessed and limited to an area in the middle of the room; the white around it makes it really stand out!

Restaurant interior with modern-looking black coffered ceiling.
Credit: Blog Esprit Design (Design by Dumdum Design - Photo by Jean Madeyski)

And obviously a coffered ceiling doesn't necessarily have to be a rectangular grid!

Sitting room with white coffered ceiling in an intricate geometric pattern alternating octagons and hexagons. Sitting room with white coffered ceiling in an intricate geometric pattern alternating octagons and hexagons.
Credit: Decoist (Design by Accent Haus)

Other decorations

Are you ready for some out of the box examples? Sit tight, they’re stunning!

This is what I like to call "the magic of wood" it not amazing what you can do with wood?

Corridor with big leaf-shaped wooden panels on the ceiling.
Credit: Tonkin Zulaikha Greer

And adding mirrors the effect gets really dazzling!

Corridor with faceted mirror ceiling.
Credit: Interior Design (Design by Nacása & Partners)

What about the underwater-cave effect in this restaurant? I find it so calming!

Restaurant with wavy-shaped panels dropping from the ceiling, creating an overall ethereal feel.
Credit: Wallpaper (Design by Atelier Laia)

This effect would be so easy to implement with sticky tiles (IKEA has some of this kind)…I’m tempted!

Dark blue ceiling with hexagonal mirror tiles disposed irregularly, creating a backdrop for the pendant light.
Credit: Apartment Therapy (Design by Lauren Svenstrup of Studio Sven)

I left a surprise for the end…if you go to Barcelona (Spain) you have to visit the Jardin del Norte restaurant. You'll be welcomed by this refreshing shower of flowers...I love it!

Restaurant entrance with thousands of colourful tulips hanging from the ceiling.
Credit: El Equipo Creativo (Photo by Adria Goula)

All these stunning inspirations are making me more and more tempted to decorate my own ceiling! I’m thinking to try with my bedroom. It may be a way to boost my mood in the morning when I would only want to stay in bed…even though it would also be a great excuse to actually stay in bed admiring it!
Where would you do it in your home? If you're tempted, but are not sure on how to actually make it happen, feel free to reach out, so we can find together the best ceiling design for your space!

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