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Concrete, So Much More Than A Building Material!

Topic: Design Tips & inspirations
Concrete, so much more than a building material!

Gone are the days when concrete was employed only for structural works. Today we see it more and more in exposed details and decorative pieces. What I love about it is the versatility of its texture. Rough enough to go on an industrial or Nordic interior, it can also be dressed up to fit a more polished style. It is a perfectly contemporary material, ideal in times when unfussy styles are at their top and the trend goes more and more towards the valorisation of imperfection and ease in interiors.

And if that weren’t enough, concrete is also pretty easy to manage for small projects, a great news for all the DIY lovers (like me)!

Did it pick your curiosity? Then scroll through for some inspiring examples…

Concrete accessories like bowls and planters are super easy to DIY and the results are just amazing!

Bowls and planters made of concrete with shiny and colorful details.
Credits: Selbst, TheJunkShow (Etsy), InGaConcrete (Etsy)

Even a small detail like a door knob can make a difference!

Concrete door knobs.
Credits: TrincaFerro (Etsy)BetsyRoseJewellery (Etsy)

Can I just say that these wall tiles are incredible?

Hexagon concrete wall tiles on a concrete wall.
Credit: Bentu Design (Behance)

Concrete and wood is the perfect match in a Nordic living room...

Cube concrete coffee table with rounded corners and Nordic style wood legs.
Credit: Deco feelings

I'm absolutely in love with the idea of using concrete in lamps! The faceted ones on the top left have been exposed by Arteriors at the High Point fair last October, so we'll probably see them widely used next year!

Three examples of the uses of concrete in lighting. 1 and 2: Decorated suspension lights. 3: streamline light cuts on a plain concrete wall.
Credits: Arteriors (via Architectural Digest), Beut, Jourdan Hammond Interior Design

This is a fantastic example of Kintsugi, the Japanese tradition of repairing broken objects with lacquer mixed with powder gold. Normally applied to pottery, it's here used on a concrete floor...and the result is spectacular!

A crack in a concrete floor filled with liquid gold becomes a decorative feature. Close-up of the repaired crack.
Credit: Dezeen (Photo by Kenta Hasegawa)

Using concrete as a countertop finish and flooring at the same time can make a kitchen island become one with the floor…love it!

Open kitchen with concrete flooring and island rising from the floor level seamlessly.
Credit: Shoot Factory

This is what staining concrete can result in, a fantastic work of art!

Bedroom with concrete back wall decorated as a full height piece of art.
Credit: Bozhinovski Design

This staircase is definitely something I would have in my dream home! The match of polished sleek wood with concrete is just so rich in textures! (And if you follow me on Instagram you already know how much I love textures!)

Concrete staircase with wooden treads.
Credit: Estudio 30 51 (via Contemporist - Photo by Carlos Edler)

What do you think? Did anything tempt you to embrace the concrete trend in your home?

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Concrete, so much more than a building material. Pin It.