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Colour Of The Year 2019: All The New Trending Hues!

Topic: Design Trends
Colour of the Year 2019: all the new trending hues!

That time of the year has come again and many paint suppliers have released their Colour of the Year for 2019.
The selection of the next trending hue always comes from a research on the current world and one thing I like in particular is diving into the motivations behind each choice. I find it an interesting way to look at present times from a general perspective. Plus of course a concentrate of new inspiring colours!
Ready to discover them all? Let's go!

Akzo Nobel – Spiced honey

Spiced Honey: a warm amber tone.

After a 2018 spent in a more reflective mood, 2019 is the year of action according to Akzo Nobel. People are energized, positive and ready to "be the change".
In this atmosphere, Spiced Honey is the perfect warm background that "lets the light in" and embraces change.

Spiced honey, colour of the year 2019 for Akzo Nobel.
Credit: Akzo Nobel

Behr – Blueprint

Blueprint: a powdery light blue.

Action comes back in Behr's colour choice.
In a society that looks for positive energy, stability and confidence (as said by Behr's colour expert Erika Woelfel), Blueprint creates a blank canvas for each and every one of us to realise what we truly want from our life and then take action to achieve it.

Blueprint, colour of the year 2019 for Behr.
Credit: Behr (via Elle Decor)

Diamond Vogel - Day Spa

Day Spa: a rich soothing dark blue.

Like last year, Diamond Vogel has launched a voting to choose the new Colour of the Year. As you'll know if you already follow me on Instagram, I voted one colour myself and...I got it right! Yay!
And the winner is...Day Spa, a bold yet deeply calming hue that is meant to convey security and promote quiet moments of self-reflection, away from the crowded busyness of modern life.
Personally, one of my favourites!

Day Spa, colour of the year 2019 for Diamond Vogel.
Credit: Diamond Vogel

Kelly Moore - Peacock Blue

Peacock Blue: a deep blue with a green undertone.

Stimulating balance like a blue and bringing in the harmony typical of a green, Peacock Blue is another good candidate to create a calm oasis at home.

Peacock blue, colour of the year 2019 for Kelly Moore.
Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

Benjamin Moore - Metropolitan

Metropolitan: a neutral soft grey.

Muted and versatile, Metropolitan is great as a backdrop and would work for nearly every room.
Once again, the idea is escaping from the noise of our lives and transforming our home in a welcoming place to snuggle, unwind and reflect.

Metropolitan, colour of the year 2019 for Benjamin Moore.
Credit: Benjamin Moore (via Elle Decor)

Sherwin Williams - Cavern Clay

Cavern Clay: a warm earthy brown.

Action comes back at the heart of Sherwin Williams' choice. For them, 2019 will be a very concrete year. And accordingly, Cavern Clay represents "renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair" (as said by Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing at Sherwin-Williams).

Cavern Clay, colour of the year 2019 for Sherwin Williams.
Credit: Sherwin Williams (via Elle Decor)

Dunn Edwards - Spice of Life

Spice of Life: a strong terracotta.

Adventure, exploration, travel. These are the words that describe Dunn Edward's trending colour for 2019.
Meant to stimulate and energize, Spice of Life is a celebration of what makes life exciting and an invite to bring this feeling of genuine excitement inside our daily lives. How not to agree!

Spice of Life, colour of the year 2019 for Dunn Edwards.
Credit: Dunn Edwards (Design by Jason Lai, L2 Interiors - Photo by Bethany Nauert Photography)

PPG Paints - Night Watch

Night Watch: a rich emerald green.

Night Watch comes as a celebration of the healing power of nature on us and it represents a way to bring greenery at home through paint.

Night Watch, colour of the year 2019 for PPG Paints.
Credit: PPG Paints

The words of Dee Schlotter (senior colour marketing manager at PPG Paints) actually sound as an invite to embrace the principles of biophilic design:

“The restorative power of nature is important in society now more than ever”

From air purifying plants and flowers, to garden wall designs, to the three pillars of biophilic design
(nature in the space, natural analogues and nature of the space), there are plenty of ways to bring nature indoors and benefit from a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle!
(Check out the linked posts to know more about each topic!)

Colours of the Year 2019; recap infographic.
Credit: DforDesign

Looking at the trending colours that have been revealed for 2019, the choice swings between a call for action and the search for moments of relax and detachment from our super-fast, super-connected and super-full world. I must say I like both the ideas and I think they make for a great starting point for 2019 resolutions!
Still to be revealed is the new Pantone Colour of the Year. Who knows if it will be a polarizing choice like Ultra Violet, can't wait to discover it!

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Cover image by Jessica Lee (via Unsplash)