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Christmas Decorating, When Less Is More

Topic: Christmas
Christmas decorating, when less is more

On the side of those who love rich and ornate decorations for Christmas, there's another category of people that prefer a toned-down decor, with less sparkle, but by no means less festive. A decor that we could name subtly festive.

What I love about it is that – in its simplicity – it encloses careful planning and a close attention to the finest details. And the result is a very cosy and soothing atmosphere.

Have a look below for some inspiration…

Twinkle lights wrapped around a birch log give a festive twist to the natural cosiness of a fireplace.

Twinkle lights wrapped around a birch log in a rustic living room.
Credit: Real Simple (Photo by Steve Giralt)

Two twin pine trees on the dining table and the Christmas mood is up!

Rustic dining table with two little pine trees used as a centrepiece, together with some fruits.
Credit: Style at home

Few twigs of pine in a vase recall the feeling of a Christmas tree, even without ornaments and lights.

Classic living room. On the side table is a vase with natural and simple pine twigs.
Credit: Farrow & Ball (Facebook)

Winter flowers and fruits are also great to add just a subtle festive touch.

White amaryllis on a rustic shelf.
Credit: Style at home
A kitchen island full of food and with tiny branched flowers in a glass vessel as a decor.
Credit: Style at home
A bowl full of mandarins, some white flowers and a fireplace in the background.
Credit: Style at home

Here it is, the power of accessories. Two decorative reindeers – coordinating with the existing colour palette – create a subtle Christmas atmosphere without taking the attention away from the overall design of the room.

Two small reindeer figurines on a rustic table. The patterned wallpaper remains the focal point of the design.
Credit: Farrow & Ball (Facebook)

A subtly festive Christmas decor can also be the solution to bring a holiday touch to areas that are often not decorated.

Look at this kitchen; there's no fuss and the space is totally functional. But if you look close you'll notice a traditional Christmas palette. There is the green, brought in by the dish soap container, the towel, few bowls and some greenery. There is the red of the pomegranates. And it's really all it takes to create a festive atmosphere and revive the Christmas mood whenever walking into the kitchen!

Kitchen countertop decorated with functional items. Green dish soap container, towel, bowls and greenery and red pomegranates.
Credit: Studio McGee
Kitchen countertop decorated with some greenery and red pomegranates.
Credit: Studio McGee

To me, a subtly festive decor can also represent a more intimate way of decorating; one that does not shout for attention, but is still able to add a little something special for the holidays.

What do you think? Are you more minimalist or more ornate when it comes to decorating for Christmas?

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