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Biophilic Inspiration With Tranquil Dawn, The New 2020 Colour

Topic: Design Trends
Biophilic inspiration with Tranquil Dawn, the new 2020 colour

Yesterday, AkzoNobel (otherwise called Dulux, Sikkens, Flexa… according to the country) has announced its Colour of the Year 2020 and I love it, starting from its soothing name: Tranquil Dawn.

Tranquil Dawn is a muted shade of green, that is saturated enough to be called green and neutral enough to go well with plenty of other colours.

Swatch of Tranquil Dawn paint.
Credit: Akzo Nobel

The inspiration behind Tranquil Dawn

The Colour of the Year always aims at reflecting the current social background and its needs, and Tranquil Dawn is no exception. In a world that moves at the tireless speed of technology, design is called to carve restful interiors. As Akzo Nobel says:

“As 2020 is the start of a new decade, it’s a fresh start. A new dawn. In an increasingly hectic and digital world, there is a desire for meaning and kindness.”

Tranquil Dawn is inspired by morning skies. In fact, it's the colour that sits right in between earth and sky at dawn.

Morning sky landscape that inspired Tranquil Dawn.
Credit: Akzo Nobel

Tranquil Dawn celebrates the beginning of a new decade with hope, addressing two of the things we need the most as a society:

  • For its soothing nature, Tranquil Dawn can bring a “human touch” to interiors and help us find a much needed balance between our hyper-connected online lives and our physical life.
  • Green is also the colour of sustainability and choosing it as the Colour of the Year is a call to action with respect to the environmental challenges we are facing.


Overall, Tranquil Dawn would fit perfectly in a biophilic interior. So I’ve been hunting for some biophilic design inspiration that tap into this new colour trend. Let’s go!

Biophilic interiors in Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil Dawn works both in monochrome palettes and together with contrasting colours. But one thing is for sure; it would combine with plenty of natural light and a good amount of greenery in a biophilic design!

Biophilic living room with Tranquil Dawn walls, clear sofa and plenty of natural light.
Credit: Akzo Nobel
Biophilic sitting area in a room with very high ceilings and Tranquil Dawn furniture.
Credit: Muuto (via Instagram)
Biophilic living room with Tranquil Dawn and charcoal striped walls and minimal furniture.
Credit: Akzo Nobel
Biophilic bedroom with Tranquil Dawn bedding.
Credit: Cultiver (via Instagram)
Biophilic relax corner with Tranquil Dawn walls and neutral cozy furniture.
Credit: Akzo Nobel
Biophilic restaurant design in Tranquil Dawn.
Credit: Dezeen
Biophilic dining room with Tranquil Dawn ceiling.
Credit: Cereal Mag. Photo by Rory Gardiner

Designing with Tranquil Dawn

Paint is not the only way to introduce colour in interiors, and Tranquil Dawn (or similar hues) can actually be found in a variety of different products.

Starting with finishes, there exist some patterned tiles that fit very well into the Tranquil Dawn trend. And – with their leaf patterns and moss-like textures – they would be perfect in a biophilic design!

Relax corner with biophilic hexagonal tiles with a leaf pattern.
Credit: ZYX (via Instagram)
Biophilic tiles recalling the texture of moss.
Credit: Bricmate (via Instagram)

Furnishings can also be found in Tranquil Dawn and such a soothing hue would be ideal to frame a relaxation corner at home.

Tranquil Dawn interior design products.
Credit: DforDesign. All products are referenced below.

Remember when I shared the sustainable bedroom news from IKEA's 2020 catalogue? Well, both the BERGPALM bedding and the VIGDIS cushion were a lovely anticipation of Tranquil Dawn!

Moodboard showing a variety of sustainable products for the bedroom: from quilts and fitted sheets, to bedding, to throws and decorative cushions.
Credit: DforDesign. Inspiration picture: IKEA. All products are referenced in the related post.

Tranquil Dawn greenery

Last but not least, Tranquil Dawn is also the colour of some plants, that would be an excellent way to bring in the new trending hue in a biophilic interior!

Echeveria laui plants.
Echeveria laui. Credit: Wikimedia
Tillandsia Xerographica plants.
Tillandsia Xerographic. Credit: AirPlantDesignCenter (via Etsy)
Sage plant.
Sage. Credit: Kreutzfelder (via Pixabay)
Eucalyptus baby blue branches.
Eucalyptus baby blue. Credit: Magnaflor
Tillandsia Oaxacana Feldhofi plant.
Tillandsia Oaxacana Feldhofi. Credit: Spyloh (via Etsy)
Moodboard showing all the above mentioned plants to add Tranquil Dawn with greenery.
Credit: DforDesign

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Biophilic inspiration with Tranquil Dawn, the new 2020 colour. Pin it.