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Christmas is coming!!!
My mind is definitely absorbed into Christmas thoughts right now and gifts are high on the list! I personally like to start shopping around this time (even though I’ve actually purchased a couple of gifts already!)
I really want Christmas to be an enjoyable time and buying gifts in advance comes with a number of advantages: no last-minute stress, more thoughtful gifts, more time to come up with personalized and special gift wrapping…

With sustainability, zero-waste and plastic free being more popular than ever, I thought I’d put together a few ideas of useful items that will be great gifts for your loved ones and will also be a gift for the planet!
Some are small things, but you can always combine them and create a bigger gift!

A collection of sustainable gift ideas for Christmas.<span class="sr-only"> (opened in a new window/tab)</span>
Credit: DforDesign. All products are referenced below.

1.Water nozzle by Altered (opened in a new window/tab): a water saving nozzle that allows to reduce water consumption by up to 90%. Compatible with standard taps.

2.Soap dispenser by Aquanova - via Amara (opened in a new window/tab): a refillable soap dispenser can encourage buying soap in bulk (and will make the bathroom look immediately more curated!)

3.Smart garden by Plantui (opened in a new window/tab): a soil-free indoor gardening system fitting 6 plants.

4.Planter by Mawo Design - via Etsy (opened in a new window/tab): a cork planter which can also be used as a catchall. To give it as a present, it would be a cute idea to fill it in, maybe with an air purifying plant!

5.The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams - via Amazon (opened in a new window/tab): a book about slow-living, that can inspire and motivate a journey to a more considerate and happier lifestyle.

6.Cushion cover by PCB Home - via Etsy (opened in a new window/tab): handmade with unbleached organic cotton. Btw, isn't this eyelashes design just lovely?

7.Stainless steel straws by Package Free Shop (opened in a new window/tab): reusable straws available in 4 colours: stainless steel, rose gold, gold and bronze.

8.Beeswax wrap by Bee's Wrap (opened in a new window/tab): a beeswax and organic cotton food wrap. (Photo by You're so golden (opened in a new window/tab))

9.Coasters by Weez & Merl (opened in a new window/tab): coasters made of recycled plastic sourced from local businesses' waste (other colours are also available). This product was presented at the latest London Design Fair. You can read more about this and the other sustainable and innovative uses of plastic from the London Design Fair in my previous post.

10.Oslo Dove bag by Weaver Green (opened in a new window/tab): a fabric bag made out of 150 recycled plastic bottles. Suitable for grocery shopping or just as a handbag!
BONUS. And what about gifting a personalized interior design consultation? If you are interested, you can check out my services to learn more!
I hope you've found some interesting inspiration for your Christmas shopping!

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