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A Day At Milan Design Week

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A day at Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week is one of the most important events in the interior design world. Hosted every spring in Milan, it attracts visitors and exhibitors from all around the world with one single aim: talking about what’s new in design.

Colour and material trends, new products, as well as inspiring proposals for longer-term future populate Milan for the week. Next to Salone del Mobile (the “standard” fair with booths for each company) are a whole lot of talks, installations in historical buildings and open-door events, all grouped under the name of Fuorisalone (literally “out of Salone”).

Follow me on this illustrated tour of a typical day at Milan Design Week...

A view of Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, in the heart of Milan.
Credit: DforDesign (Instagram)

It all starts with a typical Italian breakfast. A caffé or cappuccino with a pastry, to enjoy outside in the sun. The yummy croissant in the picture is filled with pistachio cream…delicious! (you can find it at Eataly)

Overtop view of a typical Italian breakfast: coffee, cappuccino and croissant.
Credit: DforDesign

Whether the plan reads Salone or Fuorisalone, the day will be long and full of walking. But rich in amazing discoveries too!

Salone del Mobile is the perfect place to find out the main news in interior design, all in one place (even though it still takes a lot of walking to visit the entire fair!)

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But Milan Design Week would not be complete without Fuorisalone. The program is stuffed with an endless series of events spread all around the city. This is where the most unexpected finds happen.

One can walk into a random building and find this beauty…!

Statue at the entrance of an historical building in Milan.
Credit: DforDesign

Stunning floorings are a sure find in period buildings and they definitely deserve a moment of contemplation…

Period building corridor, tiled with a very modern black and white graphic pattern.
Credit: DforDesign

(Below, note my puffy feet as guest star)

Mosaic flooring in the tones of grey, white and tan.
Credit: DforDesign

One (or more…) pauses throughout the day are essential to rest and try some of the lovely places in town. This one got my visit because I glimpsed its creative ceiling feature from outdoors...

Interior of a café with curved wood panels creating an interesting ceiling feature.
Credit: DforDesign

The day continues with more walking and more beautiful visits, with a must stop at Vertical Forest, one of the most admired examples of modern architecture.

Vertical forest.
Credit: DforDesign

Starting from around 6pm, it comes the time for aperitivo. The idea is enjoying a cocktail and some appetisers before dinner, but in some places (actually many in Milan) the buffet is so rich that an aperitivo can easily substitute dinner.

A glass of a typical Italian drink.
Credit: DforDesign

Anyways, back to the Design Week…

During these days, many companies organize their own invitation-only events in their showroom or in a special location. For instance, I joined Munnain the fantastic location of Palazzo Durini.

Entrance of the party organized by Munna at Palazzo Durini.
Credit: DforDesign

I LOVE the contrast of this modern luxury furniture with the historical surroundings!

Conversation area at the party organized by Munna.
Credit: DforDesign

And here you can see me on a huge version of the Fringe armchair. This is one of my favourite products from Munna and you may remind it from the selection of fringed home items I shared when talking about the trends for this spring.

Me, sitting on a huge Fringe armchair.
Credit: DforDesign

Late at night, when parties are over, it’s time for some deserved sleep.

Then wake up and repeat!

Now that the week is over my feet are desperately asking for some rest, but my mind is refreshed, inspired and absolutely satisfied! Grazie Milano!

I hope you've enjoyed this walk through Milan Design Week!

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