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6 Sustainable Blankets To Keep You Warm This Winter

Topic: Sustainable Design
6 sustainable blankets to keep you warm this winter

Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy blanket when it's cold outside?

Since it's definitely getting cold where I am, I’ve browsed through SforSustainable and put together a selection of blankets that – for various reasons – represent a sustainable choice.
From wool to silk, there's something for any degree of cold you might have to face this winter. So let’s jump right in!

Moodboard showing a warm texture of wool and 6 sustainable blankets.
Credit: DforDesign. All products are referenced below.

1. Upcycling offcuts

White blanket with a black stripe on the bottom.
Credit: The Siempre by Blacksaw

Working with fabrics creates plenty of offcuts and leftovers, that are often disregarded. But, when looking at things with a circular design mentality, offcuts are a resource just like new fabric.
The Siempre blanket by Blacksaw is made of 100% recycled yarn obtained from factory offcuts (41% alpaca, 30% wool, 15% cotton and 14% reclaimed mixed fibers). All these fibers get shredded and spun into a recycled yarn that saves them from landfills while producing a soft an warm blanket that just waits for someone to snuggle into it!

Close-up view of the blanket, clearly showing the "100% recycled" tag.
Credit: Blacksaw

2. Recycling natural materials

Striped blanket in different shades of grey.
Credit: Grey Stripe by Urban Collective

Natural materials are often a good choice when it comes to sustainable design. But – just like with any other material – avoiding waste is key.
This sustainable blanket is Grey Stripe by Urban Collective and is made of 100% recycled wool!
Packaging has also become more sustainable at Urban Collective, as plastic bags have been replaced with bio-degradable ones.

Shot of the blanket on a sofa with some more accessories around.
Credit: Urban Collective

3. Not harming the source

Blanket with yellow and beinge squares.
Credit: Avani by Annaloom

Silk is a noble and fascinating material. But I have to say I got a bit sad when I first discovered how it’s made (which dates back to many years ago when I was still in primary school!)
Did you know that silk worms are normally killed to extract silk? Well, turns out it doesn’t have to be this way.
Eri-silk, also known as peace silk, is extracted with a technique that doesn’t kill the worm!
And this is the first reason that brought me to include Avani by Annaloom in SforSustainable. Also, Annaloom’s products are handmade by local weavers in India, Laos and Cambodia. Fair working conditions and wages are ensured so that weavers’ work can actually lift the economic conditions of their entire communities.

Blanket laying on a white metal chair.
Credit: Annaloom

4. Locally and ethically sourced

Grey blanket with a herringbone white pattern.
Credit: UCCLE by Made+Good

UCCLE by Made+Good is made of 100% merino lamb wool that is ethically sourced from the British Isles.
The products sold by Made+Good are either handcrafted or part of small-batch productions. And they’re all manufactured by small independent studios in the UK. Also, Made+Good is committed to giving back and donates 3% of total annual sales to charities that fight food waste, rescue abandoned dogs and bring play and entertainment to children in need.

Grey blanket laying on a vintage wood chair.
Credit: Made+Good

5. Valuing nature

Dark grey crocheted blanket.
Credit: Sulo by Bonden

Sulo by Bonden is a 100% Finnish lamb wool blanket that is crocheted by hand by local artisans in Finland. It comes in white and grey, that are both the un-dyed natural colour of the wool.
Besides producing sustainable interior design objects, Bonden is committed to preserving Nordic craftsmanship traditions and all of its products are made in collaboration with local artisans.
Bonden has also shifted to sustainable packaging and – instead of plastic – it uses bags made of a renewable wood fibre from Finland.

Dark grey crocheted blanket lying on a chair.
Credit: Bonden

6. Fighting plastic pollution

Taupe blanket with a herringbone pattern.
Credit: Herringbone by Weaver Green

The challenge of upcycling is that it’s not enough to just reuse the same materials, but they need to acquire more value than they had before.
One good example of that is the transformation of PET bottles into a yarn, which practically turns a single-use object into a durable one.
The Herringbone blanket by Weaver Green is made of recycled PET yarn that is coloured with non-toxic dyes. It takes approximately 300 plastic bottles to make one single blanket!
Besided the material choice, all Weaver Green's products are hand-loomed by artisans located in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia, that all work under fair conditions.
Weaver Green also strives to follow environment-friendly production methods. For example, yarn production and dying are performed in a closed water system that re-filters and reuses the same water over and over again. Also, the water needed for dying is heated by burning recycled wheat and rice husks in a low emission boiler.

A pile of blanket stacked onto a Moroccan style low chair.
Credit: Weaver Green

So here they are, 6 blankets that are both warm and mindful of the environment!

All of these blankets are taken from SforSustainable, the selection of sustainable interior design products that I personally curate and you are more than welcome to come visit! I’ll see you there!
And stay tuned, because I’m working on something special to help you have a more sustainable Christmas!

Infographic displaying some sustainable interior design products: a cork chair, a birch bark lamp and a felt cushion

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Cover image by Victoria Bilsborough