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12 Wireless Speakers That Look As Good As They Sound!

Topic: Design Tips & inspirations
12 wireless speakers that look as good as they sound!

If there is one thing that can make an atmosphere special, it is the right music. Getting the best possible quality of sound is certainly the main objective when it comes to music, and wireless speakers are getting more and more performing. But what if you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics either?

Here are 12 wireless speakers for different tastes, but all with an amazingly curated look that will enrich the design of your space.


For those who love the timeless charm of natural materials, wood is always the perfect choice. With its gentle shape, this wireless speaker is great to add a touch of warmth to the space.

Portable wooden wireless speaker. Rounded shape and bamboo or walnut finish
Credit: Carved

And have you ever considered concrete? Originally just a building material, it is now used in plenty of different interior design products and applications. I find wood + concrete makes a great match with a lot of character. What do you think?

Portable wireless speaker made of concrete with clear wood detail
Credit: Petrikas Product Design (Behance)


The beauty of minimal design is that the attention goes all on the smallest details. The metallic spiral is what elevates the design of this wireless speaker, making it great as a display piece!

Portable wireless speaker. Cylinder shape with spiral decorative detail inside
Credit: Hult

With the addition of a leather handle, a plain white design gains a ton of character. This wireless speaker also doubles as a lamp. Tilt it and you’ll turn on a soft ambiance light, shake it and you’ll even change the light colour!

Portable wireless speaker in the shape of a vase with leather-like handle
Credit: Samsung


Sustainable materials - cardboard in this case - are by no means outdone when it comes to design. Because beauty can be eco-friendly too!

Two free-standing wireless speakers with cardboard structure. 1: lantern-shaped. 2: cone shaped
Credit: Staygreen, Staygreen (Archiproducts)


This is one of my personal favourites. The hexagonal modules are available in several colours and can be arranged in endless shapes to dress any wall with a beautiful and functional work of art. The perfect blend of beauty and technology!

Hanging wireless speaker. Modular hexagon shapes disposed on the wall to create a pattern
Credit: Bang & Olufsen


For those who enjoy recalling the past, here is a reproduction of a vintage Marshall radio. A super modern wireless speaker hidden behind a vintage shell. Isn’t it adorable?

Portable wireless speaker shaped like a vintage Marshall radio
Credit: Urban Outfitters


Because a real lady always carries a handbag...

Portable fabric wireless speaker shaped like a small handbag
Credit: Idaqo


If you like technology to also look hi-tech, this wireless speaker will be perfect for you. The two halves of this speaker can be twisted, to have a different shape at every new song!

Portable chrome plated wireless speaker. Twistable shape
Credit: Jarre Technologies


And what to say about these skull wireless speakers? Certainly a dramatic choice, but for someone who likes this urban-young style, these are absolutely spot on!

Skull shaped portable wireless speaker
Credit: Jarre Technologies


This is certainly the best option if you want to impress your guests. As music starts to play, the top part of this wireless speaker starts to levitate in the air… just like magic!

Portable wireless speaker with levitating top
Credit: Idaqo

Natural, minimal, eco-friendly, hanging, vintage, feminine, hi-tech, urban and surprising…Among all these designs, you’ll sure find the right wireless speaker for you! What's your favourite?